iPhone 8 and 8 Plus New Year Special!

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iPhone 8 and 8 Plus New Year 2018 promotions!
Duration: 29th December 2017 - 31st January 2018
Promotion Mechanics: There will be 2 promotions running at the same time, and you have the option to choose EITHER ONE of the promotions. 
1. Direct rebate of RM150 on iPhone 8 Series purchase 
You will enjoy a direct RM150 rebate when you purchase any iPhone 8 series. 
iPhone 8 64gb - RM3,499 (SRP RM3,649)
iPhone 8 256gb - RM4,249 (SRP RM4,399)
iPhone 8 plus 64gb - RM3,999 (SRP RM4,149)
iPhone 8 plus 256gb - RM4,749 (SRP RM4,899)
2. RM200 Cash Voucher on iPhone 8 Series Purchase
You will be given a RM200 cash voucher when you purchase an iPhone 8 Series. 
The conditions of this promotion are as below; 
a. Cash voucher must utilised in the same cash bill of iPhone 8 purchase
b. Cash voucher can be used to purchase any 2nd item in store (Inclusive of any core products / 3rd party accessories / SPP etc etc) 
c. Cash voucher cannot be utilised on the purchase of the iPhone 8 itself, and must be used on the 2nd item. 
d. Price for iPhone 8 for this package: iPhone 8 64gb - SRP RM3,649; iPhone 8 256gb - SRP RM4,399; iPhone 8 plus 64gb - SRP RM41,49; iPhone 8 plus 256gb - SRP RM4,899
iPhone 8 Jan 2018 promotion

5 Comment(s)

Gan Pei Chin Anna:
31/12/2017, 06:07:57 PM

Can i have 1 iphone 8 plus

01/01/2018, 10:31:28 AM

Hi Anna, yes, we have iPhone 8 plus at all our Switch outlets. Please drop by Switch near you to purchase one :)

Alexander tay:
01/01/2018, 10:45:05 AM

Iphone 8plus got zero interest?

01/01/2018, 07:37:23 PM

Hi. Yes. We have instalment plan for iPhone 8 Plus. Pls see this link https://www.switch.com.my/instalmentplan

03/01/2018, 02:39:53 AM

How much maximum amount can you accept for Iphone 6s 16gb? Because i want to trade in and upgrade to 8plus

03/01/2018, 06:30:58 AM

Hi. Pls see this link for trade ins https://www.switch.com.my/blog/tradein

Lai Suan Pei:
03/01/2018, 12:57:13 PM

How much you will given to my IPhone 6 Plus 16gb, because I would like to trade in & upgrade to IPhone 8.

03/01/2018, 04:27:20 PM

Hi Suan Pei, please see this link for trade ins https://www.switch.com.my/blog/tradein :)

03/01/2018, 07:14:25 PM

How much you will given if I trade in my IPhone 6s 64gb, because I would like to upgrade to IPhone 8plus. Thanks!

04/01/2018, 11:08:59 AM

Hi Evelyn, we need you to bring your iPhone to our retail outlet to let our crew have a look at give you a final price. For guideline, pls see this link https://www.switch.com.my/blog/tradein

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